What do you understand by AEPS?

If you live in a particular area where bank or the Cash deposit machines facilities are not accessible, then what do you do as a bank customer to withdraw cash? Do you walk miles to hit your bank to get a service?

The Aadhaar-enabled Payment System (AePS) has overcome this challenge of not being able to conveniently access banking facilities. Indian people used banking facilities via the AePS portal in recent times, according to the NPCI release. There is a lot of Aeps White Label Provider from which you can take the services.

What is AEPS?

AePS is a payment system that uses the unique identity Number (UID) method. It helps Aadhaar card holders for making financial transactions through Aadhaar-based authentication. And you can also see a lot of White Label Business Aeps Opportunities for your business.

Under the AePS services, there are basically two types of payment systems: crediting money into the account of the person; which enables the account holders for withdrawing the cash. You can choose the best AEPS white label software for using these services.

How to use AePS?

*Connect your saving account to your Aadhaar number. Please call your bank to let them know that you'd like to start using AEPS

* For example, for withdrawing or depositing cash, contact a business correspondent or abanking agent with a UID number. Domestic Money Transfer White Label is the best thing which you can choose.

* Business reporters are members of the bank. They can include former bank workers, post offices, non-governmental agencies, self-help groups, retired people and retired public workers.

* Banks are involved in offering financial services at places other than the banking branch / ATM. They encourage a bank to offer its limited range of banking and financial at a low cost. They bring a handheld computer and support villagers in financial transactions. You can get the best Aeps White Label Solution and help get the best services.

* If you have contacted a business correspondent or handler, you can have basic banking service using a Micro ATM. This will be achieved by inserting the UID code, fingerprints and sum of the customer into the micro-ATM. The Aeps White Label Price is pretty reasonable as well.

Why you should use AEPS?

AEPS helps a local banking customer for using Aadhaar as an identifier to enter their corresponding Aadhaar-enabled saving account and conduct simple financial transactions such as cash withdrawal, interbank or inter - bank transfer of funds and balance enquiry. Just use the best Aeps Software always.

To enable the disbursement of government entitlements such as NREGA, Social Security Pensions, Disabled Old Age Pensions, etc., by any central or state government agency, using Aadhaar and Authentication as provided by UIDAI.